Since I’ve been “back”… I’ve made quite a few new acquaintances… and a couple of real friends. One of those is Tom Wacker.

He let us know the other day in TE Live that Wacker is pronounced “Walker”… which is disappointing because every time I see his name I say “Wacker Wacker Wacker” out loud.

I’ve found out over the last few weeks that Tom and I have very much in common. We… how do I say this… we came from the same place… and went through a lot of the same struggles. We also found a lot of the same solutions coming from all of that.

Getting to know that about him, and him about me, created an instant bond. When I’m being stupid, he can call me on it, and vice versa.

What’s really cool though, is that we have the same work ethic. He is so much the… “do whatever it takes” kinda guy.

We got together to make the Badge Hunt Blog – I knew I could put something together pretty quickly, and do all the anal tedious organizing… but also knew that I wasn’t even gonna be able to “keep up with it” on a daily basis, with everything else I have going on. But… Tom can.

If you’ve never read his blog… click here and read a while. He’s smart, funny and real. He expresses himself in a way that hides NOTHING. lol… he’s WYSIWYG… completely.

So, take a few minutes, go to Tom’s blog and say hello. You won’t meet a nicer man online – ask him anything, he’ll help!

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