Jon Olson talks about Hippo Marketing – being in as many places as you can, as much as you can.

For the average Traffic Exchange marketer, that’s not easy to do. There are thousands of Traffic Exchanges. How do you be in them all at the same time?

One way is buying credits. For $10 on average, you can get 1000 hits at most traffic exchanges. If there are 1000 traffic exchanges – that’s what, $10,000? Yeah, that’ll work for a minute or so.

Another way is surfing. How much do you have to surf to get 1000 credits in thousands of Traffic Exchanges? Yeah, not realistically possible, either.

Yet another way is to use Co-ops – or traffic services like Doctor Traffic.

This is actually one of the best – because they don’t clutter up your website by using an extra header in it – you’ve seen those… “Member site presented by blahblah” – it’s tough to see the actual site those co-ops are presenting.

With Doctor Traffic, you can control the rate at which your site is seen, and they have both one time, and subscription packages.

Another co-op type product is the Traffic Exchange Traffic2Prosperity.

Not only do the members surf ind T2P see your sites, but they have rotators in other Traffic Exchanges and PTC sites that show your webpages for you.

If you’re an upgraded member at T2P you get the “Traffic Blast” at T2P – where you get even MORE traffic.

Also.. even if the viewers don’t click on your page – the rotator has YOUR referral link in it for T2P – so you can get downline members.

All you have to do at Traffic2Prosperity is have credits assigned to your sites. That’s it.

So, I was going through all these options about how to be seen everywhere, all the time.

I decided to concentrate on just a few sites. You know, there are a lot of “group” surfs – Nerd, Commando, LFMTE – even if I’m seen in 1 or 2 of these sites – I’m still “everywhere”.

So, here’s what I’ve decided.

I have about 20 “regular” TEs that I’m going to either surf all the time, or have credits in. That’s it. I’m not going to give in to my “omg… I need surf over there, too!”

I’m going to do this for 4 weeks. If I don’t commit to trying 1 thing for a certain amount of time – a long period of time, I’m not going to actually see the results.

It’s just like program hopping… if I only get 100 hits to a page, and change programs… I can’t wonder “why doesn’t this work?”

So… wish me luck! If you have programs that absolutely work for you… let me know! I’ll probably add them to the mix next month!

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