The little train that could…

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. –Henry Ford

When I REALLY think about it… everything I’ve “tried” to do, I’ve been able to do.  I might not do it well, but if I decide to stick with it, I do it well.  That is, if I find the right people to show me how to do it well.

I’m patient with other people, okay, not the little neighbor girl that knocks on my door every 30 minutes… but people who want to learn from me, I’m patient with.  I’m not patient with Sunny though.

Today, I think…  I know I can do everything I need to do today for myself, and for my business.  You can too!  I know it!





This is the grind.

So, I was reading Janelle’s blog and read

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing…that’s why we recommend it daily.”

What the heck?!?

I thought I was the ONLY one that needed constant reminders to stay motivated.

I thought I was the ONLY one suffering from depression, low self esteem, and sometimes “I’m sick of this crap”-itus.

I thought I was the ONLY one…

Ego is a funny thing.

It’s that whole comparing my insides to everybody else’s outsides again.  Will I ever stop doing that?  I dunno.  I’ll just keep doing the best can.. Just For Today.

Here’s one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen…  hope you like it too!

P.S.  Just watched it again… cried right out loud.



All Hail the Emporer! Hail to the Chief! God Save the Queen!

It was announced today – Tom Wacker will take the reigns as CEO of TimTech. He’ll officially start on Monday, January 6th of 2014.

He has something big planned on Tuesday also… be sure to sign up to his list by clicking here to be the first to know!

Tom’s become one of my favorite people since I’ve been back – you’ll see big things from him this year – Starting Monday! Stay tuned for more in the life of Tom Wacker!















The importance of sleep in this marketer’s life

I used to think the “thing to do” was to work around the clock – just taking naps here and there to “recharge”.

I’d work support with others on the team for the latest Clickbank product that came out – several times I worked on those tickets 19 hours straight.

That is entirely too much brain power to use/waste on angry people who just end up refunding.

Listening to Brad Webb talk about time management yesterday at TE Live – he confirmed some of the things I already do in my daily life. For instance – doing my ToDo list the night before, instead of fumbling around the morning of.

Also… sleep is now a big important part of my life.

I used to only be able to sleep 4 hours at a time, and couldn’t figure out why I was so tired all the time. Finding out this was a “sleep disorder” from a doctor who was willing to help has absolutely changed my life!

I still can’t seem to get to sleep like “normal” people… at 10 or 11 pm – it’s still more like 1 or 2 am – and waking up around 9 or 10am.
But, it’s solid, “ready to get up the next day” sleep!

I can plan better, keep up with daily tasks EVERYday, and set goals. It’s been fantastic!

Maybe this has been a silly topic for a marketer’s blog… but I bet most marketers go through the same thing.

Here I am!

So, I was talking to Brad Webb today of State of the Art Mailer, when I realized that I hadn’t updated the blog since July, OR given any results on my hippo marketing venture. Boo me.

Anyway –

August – Ended up working like crazy at “the other job” – leaving me too tired and demotivated to work on my own stuff.

September – Went to Estonia! It was fantastic! Well, until I remembered that my sense of humor isn’t at all professional, and recalled all the reasons I want to work from home ONLY.

Also, my anti depression meds stopped working – cried for 2 weeks straight, blahblahblah.

Went to the doctor who changed my meds – finally got a night’s sleep of more than 3 hours – it was like night and day!

(Meds are only 5 Euros in Estonia, too. That blew me away)
(Probably only US residents will understand why that blew me away)

October – came home, took care of me… started being able to actually get some sort of organization to my life again, and I’m mostly going full blast!

I’ve launched Your Email since then – also updated All Of My and started networking with a few more people.

Now. Back to hippo marketing, and I have a question for anyone that reads this.

In traffic exchanges – do you have 2 or 3 links that you always have credits on? Or do you upgrade and have 10 – 30 that you sometimes have credits on?

I’ve gotten to the point now where I can have at least 2 links running in about 15 exchanges all the time… those are the BIG ones… 100 to 300 hits a day for each URL.

Do I need to have 10 URLs per Advertising Platform? (Credit, Ken Locatelli)

Let me know how you handle your traffic if you would please… I’d love to learn new things!

Progress on the Hippo Marketing!

So.. it’s been a week since I “Made my plan”… and it’s… it’s gone okay!

2 people have used the phrase “I see it everywhere” when talking about my pages. So see? My plan’s working!

Now… to keep that up, is the trouble.

Tomorrow, I’ll be buying more credits in some of the sites – and then figuring out what sites I’ll be surfing in.

There are a few TEs that I have lots of credits in, so I can add my site 1 or 2 more times to get the most exposure.

The LFMTE site has a… thing in it, where the owner can restrict the users to only listing their site once. When I was an owner… I found out that doing this really slowed down the ability to move credits. (Well, that and the fact that I didn’t promote as much as I should have, but that’s another story).

So, I’m going to have to list the site in my tracker a couple of times, in order to be able to add more URLs to these exchanges. So, when I enter them in the site – the site thinks they’re different, but they’re really the same.

Is that Sneaky? Or wrong? I dunno. I just need as many hits to my sites as possible.

My goal this week is to double the hits to these sites, in the 20 exchanges I mentioned. That will take almost twice as money, and no laziness on surfing! Wish me luck!

How to achieve “Hippo” Marketing

Jon Olson talks about Hippo Marketing – being in as many places as you can, as much as you can.

For the average Traffic Exchange marketer, that’s not easy to do. There are thousands of Traffic Exchanges. How do you be in them all at the same time?

One way is buying credits. For $10 on average, you can get 1000 hits at most traffic exchanges. If there are 1000 traffic exchanges – that’s what, $10,000? Yeah, that’ll work for a minute or so.

Another way is surfing. How much do you have to surf to get 1000 credits in thousands of Traffic Exchanges? Yeah, not realistically possible, either.

Yet another way is to use Co-ops – or traffic services like Doctor Traffic.

This is actually one of the best – because they don’t clutter up your website by using an extra header in it – you’ve seen those… “Member site presented by blahblah” – it’s tough to see the actual site those co-ops are presenting.

With Doctor Traffic, you can control the rate at which your site is seen, and they have both one time, and subscription packages.

Another co-op type product is the Traffic Exchange Traffic2Prosperity.

Not only do the members surf ind T2P see your sites, but they have rotators in other Traffic Exchanges and PTC sites that show your webpages for you.

If you’re an upgraded member at T2P you get the “Traffic Blast” at T2P – where you get even MORE traffic.

Also.. even if the viewers don’t click on your page – the rotator has YOUR referral link in it for T2P – so you can get downline members.

All you have to do at Traffic2Prosperity is have credits assigned to your sites. That’s it.

So, I was going through all these options about how to be seen everywhere, all the time.

I decided to concentrate on just a few sites. You know, there are a lot of “group” surfs – Nerd, Commando, LFMTE – even if I’m seen in 1 or 2 of these sites – I’m still “everywhere”.

So, here’s what I’ve decided.

I have about 20 “regular” TEs that I’m going to either surf all the time, or have credits in. That’s it. I’m not going to give in to my “omg… I need surf over there, too!”

I’m going to do this for 4 weeks. If I don’t commit to trying 1 thing for a certain amount of time – a long period of time, I’m not going to actually see the results.

It’s just like program hopping… if I only get 100 hits to a page, and change programs… I can’t wonder “why doesn’t this work?”

So… wish me luck! If you have programs that absolutely work for you… let me know! I’ll probably add them to the mix next month!

Embracing My Uniqueness

I realized about 10 yrs ago that I was just a little bit different than everybody else. The only things I do that “grown up” is stand up for myself, and pay bills. Everything else is a 13 yr old in a 50 yr old body.

It’s weird too.. I don’t get why our outsides have to change… but that’s life. My insides are awesome, though.

I know that I’m different than everybody else… BUT – you – yes you, the one who’s reading this right now – is different than everybody else too!

Every person on the planet is different than everybody else. I don’t mean just the outsides – the insides, too. Getting to know people… and letting them get to know me is SO scary. But, as I add more years to my experience… it doesn’t matter as much.

I’m fun, and rude. I’m a blurter. I care to much sometimes. I don’t care too much sometimes. I can’t stand big crowds. I like the air conditioner at 65 F.

I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and a husband.

I don’t have boundries sometimes… and work myself into a tizzy. Then I go away for a while. Not long, though… just a couple of days.

Somebody needs to figure out how to put protien in chocolate, so I can eat it all day every day. I don’t mind exercising, just lemme eat chocolate.

My husband and I have matching Plymouth Solstices. Black. I like to ride with the top down, and sing songs on the radio as loud as I can.

I cannot sing.

I think boys are stupid, and the ones that know that are the keepers. I also know that girls are stupid.

I can’t clean house, and finally hired someone to help me. I apologize and thank her the entire time she’s here.

I’m not motivated by money – I’m motivated by recognition. That probably comes from the low self esteem. But… recognition is cool, even to those with high self esteem.

That’s about all the uniqueness I can think of now… I bet I”ll find out I’m not much different than you are.

Thanks for reading.

Just some words.

Stumbled Upon this today…

Good stuff.

Darn you Ed Goettman!

Omg. So… I’ve been surfing a lot since I started using the Traffic Browser – and some of the sites I surf, and purchase credits from are the Goettman sites.

One of those is Lobby Hits.

The Goettman boys (Eric, and his dad, Ed) are really good at keeping people excited about their sites… I’m very very impressed. They’ve got Keno, and Jackpots and stuff in there… but my very favorite… well, let me tell you a story, first.

When I was little – like 4 or so.. I would get CONSTANT bladder infections. I know I know.. that’s TMI, yeah? BUT… when my mom would read me a story, like.. the little train that could.. I would always ask… “but… when did he go to the bathroom?”

Yes. Going to the bathroom is VERY important to me.

Well, Lobby Hits lets you go to bathroom! It’s a fantastic game, where if the stall is occupied – you have to come back later – and your prize DOUBLES… once you FINALLY get to go, you win the prize. It can get up to a couple hundred credits before… either you find an empty stall – or your bladder gets full!

However.. there’s a secret in the bathroom.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal the secret – kind of an “Easter egg” of sorts, is what I understand it to be.

So. Go to Lobby Hits – and go to the bathroom. You’ll see it as an “Intermission” choice about every 30 sites or so. See if you can find the secret! Oh! You’ll know you found it when you win the raffle ticket!

Oh oh oh – the POINT of this post! My “Darn you Ed Goettman” title…

Click Play.

Now. The song is in YOUR head, just like it’s in mine ALL DAY LONG. DARN you Ed Goettman!

Thank you for your time!

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